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I've got this set up on my own site against and it's really great. No more finding that image you want to use - it's just there. It's available automagically via my Microformats2 h-card, so it can be machine discoverable, too. But I agree with Terence, it'd be awesome to have some standardised way to pull it from all my services, though.
Read Reinventing my blog by Brett Kosinski (The “B” Ark) Most of what you see from me starts on my blog. Tweets, photos, or articles, I post them on my blog and syndicate. Part 1 on why and how! Well, in the past, because I constrained myself to only writing long posts, my blog would only show activity when I was feeling motivated to write something longer. And that motivation definitely ebbs and flows. But now, if I want to just throw up a note or post a quick picture, I can, as ...
ᔥ Paul Linder‘s retweet of a post by Cory Doctorow (2020-02-21)