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Replied to Reads, Listens, Watches, and Editable Webmention Types and Avatars in the IndieWeb WordPress Suite by Chris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)Recently David Shanske and I started a podcast, and he thought it would be useful if his site could accept listen to posts and show them visually within his comments section just like these replies, bookmarks, and mentions. Thus over the past month, he’s added code to the Semantic Linkbacks Plugin to add the functionality for these types ...
Registration for IndieWebCamp Online 2019 is open!, it's the first IndieWebCamp based on the internet since 2014 and we're experimenting with really embracing the internet medium for everything it has. Come experiment with us? – Ethical alternatives to popular sites and apps
bookmark: Jack Jamieson: Thank you to @RyersonResearch and especially @joyceemsmith for inviting me to talk about my research today. I had a great time talking IndieWeb, and specifically, Bridgy.
Just posted a podcast about my 2019 yearly theme : Clarity, and what it means to me, my projects and my podcasts.