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ᔥ Paul Linder‘s retweet of a post by Cory Doctorow (2020-02-21)
In this 9 minute podcast, Craig Burgess speaks about how he wished he'd got started on his #PersonalWebsite and doing more #blogging early on in his career. Craig also speaks about the #IndieWeb and why everyone should get involved.
I interact a lot with Twitter from my website, and as such the interactions you see are i.e. "Like of @indiewebcamp's tweet" which isn't super helpful. So I've just added the ability to mark up my interactions with some context of what the post was so it's eaiser to see without navigating there.This is using the awesome and will hopefully make reading Twitter interactions through my site much nicer!You can see for an example of what ...
I RSVP’d to the Austin IWC event. Who else am I seeing there?