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Just deployed a fix for OwnYourGram! Instagram changed their JSON format on the 18th, and so no photos were imported since then. Your photos from the 18th and onward will be imported still. #silolife | | submitted | | submitted | | submitted from | | submitted from | in reply to | | submitted
Jonathan LaCour April 10, 2017 Adding Indieweb interactions to Nextcloud News I spent some time this past weekend writ
Save the date! IndieWeb Summit in Portland will be June 24-25th after @osbridge! #indiewebcamp | | submitted
Tweetstorms vs. Publishing 2 min read Today, I read about the launch of an app to make it easier to create "tweetstorms" on Twitter. I'll start by saying that Stormcrow seems like a well-designed, very useful app, and my commentary here isn't meant to take anything away from the developer. That said, the fact that this app needs to exist is a sad indictment of the current state of personal publishing on the web. From a user experience perspective, tweetstorms are an absolute disaster, both from the creation perspecti | | submitted | | submitted | | submitted from | | submitted | | submitted | | submitted | | submitted | | submitted