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Yarns Indie Reader by Jack Jamieson ( Over the past little while I’ve been chipping away at an Indie Reader plugin for WordPress. It’s still a bit rough at this point, but works well enough that I’m happy to announce it here. Yarns Indie Reader allows you to subscribe to websites that publish either rss or h-feed. As well as keeping up with your subscriptions, you can like and reply and it create posts on your blog automatically. I’m hoping this is another ...
Microblogging by Paul Robert Lloyd ( I stopped using Facebook because I didn’t trust the people behind Facebook. I had grown weary of the sly and underhand tactics used to grow their network and was unwilling to remain part of it. But if I’m honest, I couldn’t trust myself either. Visiting Facebook would elicit behaviour you could only describe as stalking; trawling through the feeds of my friends, seeking out people I vaguely knew. I had better things to do with my ...
webmention cupcakes webmention cupcakes with tantek in the background at Homebrew Website Club SF
Celebrating 1 million webmentions at Homebrew Website Club!
🔖 Bookmarked Fred Wilson on Twitter: “you have to blog on your own domain. medium, facebook, linkedin, huffpo will do what are in their interests, not yours. i have been doing it every day for 15 years this year. feels great to own my archive, my brand, my content, myself.”
🔖 USGS Earthquake Hazards Program · M 4.4 - 2km SE of Berkeley, CA: i felt my first earthquake. while i was up late last night working on my website. a magnitude 4.4 earthquake. its origin was 2km SE of Berkeley, CA (37.855, -122.257) at 2018-01-04 10:39:37.730 UTC. this is was also an excuse to work more on my website, adding bookmarks and locations to posts, and experimenting with marking up an h-event in the text of a post.