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Microblogging by Paul Robert Lloyd ( I stopped using Facebook because I didn’t trust the people behind Facebook. I had grown weary of the sly and underhand tactics used to grow their network and was unwilling to remain part of it. But if I’m honest, I couldn’t trust myself either. Visiting Facebook would elicit behaviour you could only describe as stalking; trawling through the feeds of my friends, seeking out people I vaguely knew. I had better things to do with my ...
webmention cupcakes webmention cupcakes with tantek in the background at Homebrew Website Club SF
Celebrating 1 million webmentions at Homebrew Website Club!
🔖 Bookmarked Fred Wilson on Twitter: “you have to blog on your own domain. medium, facebook, linkedin, huffpo will do what are in their interests, not yours. i have been doing it every day for 15 years this year. feels great to own my archive, my brand, my content, myself.”
🔖 USGS Earthquake Hazards Program · M 4.4 - 2km SE of Berkeley, CA: i felt my first earthquake. while i was up late last night working on my website. a magnitude 4.4 earthquake. its origin was 2km SE of Berkeley, CA (37.855, -122.257) at 2018-01-04 10:39:37.730 UTC. this is was also an excuse to work more on my website, adding bookmarks and locations to posts, and experimenting with marking up an h-event in the text of a post.