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IndieWeb on WordPress by Khürt Williams (Island in the Net) I have had a web presence since about 2001. Initially, I set up a blog using Radio Userland but quickly abandoned that when Google launched Blogger. I then jumped to Tumblr then back to Blogger. But it wasn’t until 2005 that I finally registered a domain,, and started hosting my online presence, my “house”, on WordPress. One of my favorite IndieWeb quotes thus far, and certainly a sentiment I’ve had many times: I visited the IndieWeb wiki and went down a rabbit hole of information. As I read, I kept no
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The Presentation of Self on a Decentralised Web by Dr. Amy Guy ( Many people express themselves online through social media, blogs, personal websites, and the like. Using these technologies affects our day-to-day lives, and sense of self. These technologies also change and develop in response to how people use them. Many of the tools we use come with constraints, and people often find ways to work around these constraints to suit their needs. This thesis explores the different ways in which people express their identities using contemporary Web technologies. We conduct sev