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The Contrafabulists Episode 52: Marginalia In this episode, we talk about Audrey's decision to block annotations from her websites. A great little episode that talks about annotations, but impinges on a lot of issues relating to ownership and running of a (personal) website. It discusses a lot of things that folks on the web often take for granted, but which should really be done with a lot more civility and care for others. While I have been seeing some really great and thoughtful conversations, particularly in the last 6 months or more, as a result of people posting on their own websites a
We've confirmed the venue! IndieWeb Summit 2017 will be at ...🥁... Mozilla Portland! 🦊🎉
Just deployed a fix for OwnYourGram! Instagram changed their JSON format on the 18th, and so no photos were imported since then. Your photos from the 18th and onward will be imported still. #silolife